Anthony Howe’s Kinetic Sculptures

We moved to Orcas Island six years ago, and we visited the island for six summers before that. One of the first places we were familiar with was Howe Art, the residence and workplace we passed each day when we walked or drove up the road to the bed and breakfast where we were staying. Out in Anthony Howe’s sprawling grassy yard are gleaming structures of all shapes and sizes, moving rhythmically in the wind. Years ago, you could walk through for a look, but today a look through his property requires some proper scheduling.

Since our first tourist years, we have seen Anthony’s work pop up in all kinds of places…

And then, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro…

We now live just down the way from Howe Art. A few summers ago I was looking for opportunities for our son to get hands-on experiences in engineering, since he came out of the womb wanting real-world mechanical knowledge. An apprenticeship wasn’t something that fit into Anthony’s work, but we continue to enjoy his creations wherever we encounter them.

This post is for you, Jack, my artist brother.


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